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By  johanna wattimena     6:58 AM  
Joe is dying. Although in the grand scheme of things everyone is always a day closer to death, but that's not what she meant.

At first, back in junior high school when she wrote her first post, she thought "school is killing me". As simple as that, the blog's name became some sort of a denouncement to formal education - which later she'll come to appreciate.

Then, in college, she hit a spiritual high and started seeing the blog's name as a prophecy that her earthly, sinful self is transforming into a more heaven-conscious self.

After college, she lost half of her positivity, in exchange filled the void with realistic views and sarcasm. The blog turned into acceptance of mortality and a way to remind herself of the many ways to live.

In any case, Joe always sees life as a progressive thing; of continuous learning, and fluid ups and downs. This blog shows that for a fact.

She hopes you enjoy your journey into her interior. Don't forget to leave a comment!