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Maliq & D'Essentials nite !

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hello there. my name is Johanna aka JOE.
what's up ? i just had my middle term holiday from BiNus. it's my high school. BiNus stands for, Bina Nusantara. which in english... it means To Taught the Country. great huh ? well, incase u havent recognise...i'm indonesian.
and IM NOT A TERORIST ! haha.

well, yesterday...was great. i watched a concert, by Maliq & D'Essentials. For your info, maliq is not a guy's name. it stands for Music And Live Instrument Quality. they are totally cool. they play this soulful music and i love it. from 1,5 hours all i can do is dance with the beat, clap my hands up, sing and smile. it's a great feeling...coz' i havent been so happy. havent dance thet free and it was my first time went to a concert with a known-band playing their gigs.

they first start it all with sunshine...which can't be found. remembering that it's a NIGHT...7pm. and put all the other stuff into it. we cried out for more @ 8 coz that's all the time they have. but... they just play another song... witha little music to introduced them self. it's cool. (man, how many did i put "cool" in this post,,, A LOT).

i got all sweaty. but it's worthed. i got their autographs...it's cool. i bought their cassets. i can't bought their CD...coz' i only bring 20,000. and the cd 45,000. bad luck. can't bought it...although i really want it. hikz. but's it's ok. i had fun.

Maliq rocks ! ANGGA & SATRIO ROCKSSS !!!! kyaaaa>.<

ps:dude, actually i can't write in english that FINE. but i tried. haha.and this is what u got... an amature in english and grammar.
Btw [by the way], GRAMMAR SUCKs!
PPS: i got that picture from : http://sembarang.com/2005/07/06/maliq-dessentials-goyang-pesta-ultah-hard-rock-fm-surabaya/ . it's not the concert in Binus. i don't have any photo of it. so... i'll just take it from other server. haha !

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