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my grandma...

By  *tresdivine*     1:44 PM     

i just wanna tell u guys that back @ ma house, i have no tv. wew...isn't dat cool ? *sacrastic tone*. haha...so i'm kindda bored rite now, i dun have tv...and all i have is my laptop. hikz...well, but 2 days ago... i managed to WATCH the HBO @ my grandparents house. haha! * yipeey !*

now, i got there (to my gramp's house) at 11 pm. coz my grandpa was calling my dad and he says dat we(me, my bro-sis, dad)have to stop by there and have a chat with my grandma. the thing is, we were having our Movie Nite (we watched White Chicks for the 10000000000times.). yeah, so we go there and My Grandma is SICK. she can't sleep and her heart beat is not normal. my dad checked her pulse and take her to the hospital.

while, me and my sibs WATCHING TV !!! haha,,, so cool. AT LAST we can have a little time on tv. we watched Peter Pan on HBO and other movies.Hhhhh... it's a great day.

we went home @ 2pm and continued our movie nite until 3. get to sleep and ... woke up at 11am. HAHA !! great day...great day.

love ya all...

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