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By  *tresdivine*     7:09 PM     
well, today's title really suit my mood.

tomorrow is friday. and i ALWAYS HATE FRIDAYS. WITH ALL OF MY BLOODY HEART ! i hate friday coz on that day. 5 pm to be exact, i got my classic piano class. with my FUCKIN PIANO TEACHER! she keep yealling at me, be mad at me and not to forget PISSING ME OFF !!!


i keep telling my parents to get me out of dat cursed piano lesson, but they never do. and i hate them for that. not that i hate 'em like mad. but i just felt... FRUSTRATED. i've went to dat piano class for 4 years. with the same teacher. with the same feeling in my heart.

frustration. despration.

that depresed that i wished at my b'day candles dat i can quit my piano class. and go for jazz. HUH ! is dat so hard to do ?! NO. i dont think so.
that frustrated dat i prayed to GOD so i can be dead on thursday, before my piano class. i know that ain't gonna happen. i don'twanna die anyway. i wanna live my youth days happily, without this whole PIANO thing in my life. RUINING MY SAD-SICK LIFE.

if u wanna kill me ...
u are welcome.

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