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By  *tresdivine*     4:05 PM     
arrgggghhhh !!!!!
i can't say this in english dat fuckin' good. but damn, yesterday was crazy !!!
i tried to post a new 'post' at my blog. this blog. and u know wot, i can't. the computer kept telling me dat... THE BLOG U ARE FINDING IS NOT AVAILABLE. or some sort of thing like dat. " gue benci blog gue !!! knapa gak bisa di post kemaren ?? padahal kemaren itu ada kejadian penting, bowww !!!" which means..." damn, i hate this BLOG ! why can't i post yesterday ?? "

SOOOOO... today, i got all crunked up. i got 3 test today. bahasa indonesia, chemistry and english. gosh !!!! i'm tired of thinking. i can do my english quite easily. so do bahasa. but CHEMISTRY... WAS A HELL OF A FRIGGIN' TEST !! it's hard. it's always been hard. i never been good at chemistry.

theennnn, mr. ricky (he's in the same room with me rite now, flirting to the libarian), the IT teacher, recomended me to joined the binus univ. competition at designing 2d animation...or somethin like dat.it's cool. but i dont think i can win. haha !

to make it even better, tomorrow... i got three more tst. and it's all DAMN HARD ! I BET !!! it's physics, math then sosiology. and it all happened one by one. subject after subject. this thing is DRIVING ME CRAZY !

then the day after tomorrow, i got another bahasa indonesia test and a bio quiz.

HAH ! is it good to be me ? but it's all WAAAYYY better that practicing piano and going to my piano class. GOD HAVE MERCY on me. all ppl who know me, know dat i hate piano. except my parents. they know. but not sure. that's why i'm waiting for THE RIGHT moment to tell them that i wanna quit playing classic piano. and go for the pop. or jazz. hah ! GOD BLESS.

yeah, IT's RIGHT !

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