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how does it turns out ?

By  *tresdivine*     9:42 AM     
haha. well, today is friday. i'm gonna have my PIANO CLASS today. i wonder how it's gonna turns out. becoz' i havent went there for 3 weeks. which means, i can get a lot of practice from that 'abesent' days. but the thing is, i'm not really that coordinate. i can't manage my time that fine. haha. which means, i didn't practice dat much. there's still some things - some note that i can't play dat good. but anyway. as i was saying on the other day. today, i got bio quiz. and it's not that hard becoz ( dun tell anyone )... i got a little cheat from the other class.

now, here's ars... she's been sitting here for a sec and now he' saying dat the bio test is hard. haha. here goes nothing...

JOE !! Ur so MEAN !!! IN englisH ?? u know...my english is not that good !!!!!! oh.....how bout both ?? Eng- Ind ?? OK ??? OK! !!!! HUEHUEHUEHUEHuhuehuehue... ok.....start from ......................what ?!!! ...actually , i have my own blog ...there's my link in joe's blog....just open it...but i write that in INDO of course ... huehuehue dunno ah what i wanna to write..... back to the owner ...ok...not the owner.....but LOLI !! HUuhuahuaua

AAAAAAH how many time do i hav 2 tell u, MY NAME IS LILO!! not LOLI!! AAARGGHHH....
dunno wad to say ni.. umm its friday, the last day for us because we gonna hav HOLIDAY!! uh but its not dat interestin' for me cause im gonna stay at home and go nowhere... goddamnnn i cant go anywhere cause my driver "pulang kampoeng" weQs... i cant go anywhere... cant go fitnesss uh gonna be so bored, all i can do is playin games... games and games.. ahh please god give me new car!! so i can go anywhereee.. huhuhuuhuhuuuhuhuu.... ah okelah,,, am tired hiks... bye. back to business,,,,

so there's my friends. they kept saying dat they dun wanna stop thinkin about the holiday we're gonna get tomorrow. haha. me too. but i got better things to do. it's piano class. oh yeah, ars say dat she wanna talk about '*fenen*nen' haha. who's dat ? dun ask me. ask ars, read her blog and u'll find out. hehe. and lilo said dat she wanna talk about 'songong', it's her'i kept thinking about him although i hate him' guy. hehe.

yeah rite,

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