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i refuse 2b in love

By  *tresdivine*     8:47 PM     
Ahahahah !!! thank GOD !
all my work for this friday is acomplished ! it's done... i did it !
i didn't run away even though i got scared. my teacher is not amd at me and she asked about why am i being sick on the other day. and i just answered i got headache and stomachache. fufufu.

i'm so happy but in the same time, sooo... confused.
i wish u guys just close ur mouth and dont gossip me around. like some girls in my school dat can't stop talking about other's ppl live.

now, today after a little drama practice with the 'pygmaleon and galathea' crew, after fitting for a super sexy constume back in level4, i went down to the libary and meet up with my friends. boys - and kak' amy. we talked and chat. i joked around with the security guard (haha),his name is Dede. and talked to a guy dat for now... i need to make rated it ; lets call him JECKY. haha ! nice name. he's not in my class, so we talked rarely. he's older but has the same height as me. which is 151 cm. I know him from one of my friend.

so, i've been talking with JECKY from Bahasa Subject at the libary. i already guessed that he will asked for my cell number. and it happened. at the school lobby, on the same day. i dunno it would be dat fast. so i gave him my number without thinking and talked with the others. i car-called my driver and he asked where do i live. i answered 'cinere'. and he's like...shocked that it was so far from his house and binus. we talked while walking to the libary and he said... "misalnya. MISALNYA, kita pacaran. malem-malem dari ex gue nganter elo pulang ke cinere. jam berapa kita bakal nyampe sana ?". which means, "if. IF we are 'together' and after we went to Ex and i drive you home. when will we get back to your house ?". and i'm all like (okaayyy...) " one hour.". he says " serious ? dat long ? and wot about from Binus to your house ?". " one hour.", " if i hit the gas like mad ?" . " five minutes ". " wow...". " to the hospital.". HAHA ! a little joke, when i was actually shocked by his question. it's a stupid question, man. really. if i can be a little naive, i'll say dat he's not my type and i dont wanna be involved with any romantic events in high school. i'm too young to be in love. i refuse to be in love. not now !!! not him !!! i dun even know him. haha !

yeah right,

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