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boredoom holiday

By  *tresdivine*     7:36 PM     
i never thought dat 1 week holiday will be this boring !
coz i never thought dat i wont go anywhere within this 1 week holiday. haha. all i do @ home is sitting on my bed and read ELDEST. Christoper Paolini's newest novel, from his trilogy. it's the 2nd book after Eragon and i can't stopi reading. haha ! well, i admit... it's not dat boring when i read the book. but it's so frustrating when i remembered that i make a big mistake by staying home this whole week ! i could enjoy my self... but no, i choose to read and relax. but it's a good thing, anyway. i can be 100% clear for the next school day. YEAH !

2 days ago i went to the salon, get a new hair cut (it's doesn't have dat HUGE impact on my appereance, though ^^). then, today i went to Plasa Senayan. went to the starbucks while my mom-dad and sister went to kinokuniya, the international bookstore(buying another book), and reading Eragon while drinking the Mango Citrus. drifting in Eldest fantasy and laughed a bit (when Orik are drunk. haha. if u read it, IT's damn Funny!), watched a couple hanging out (the girl wear this VERY short MINI skirt...that's why it's called mini skirt. DUH !). we went there at pm and went back at 5pm. HAH ! what a long time to spend on the book store!

now, i'm reading FMA , studying HIRAGANA and KATAKANA (i'm really in a full mood of learing JAPANESE. so i can read MORE manga !!!!) and writing this post. so have a merry holiday and have your self a merry little ramadhan. Oh! i forgot to tell u, this is a Ramadhan holiday in indo. it's a holiday after fasting the whole month ! so congratz to y'all who celebrate ramadhan. Minal aidin walfa izin (did i write it correctly ?? it's arabic ^^). and gimme some Lebaran Food!! haha !

yea rite !

ps: 7th of nov... it's my bro's bday. HAHA ! he want some money.
200.000 rupiahs ! am i dat rich ! HUH ! oh, he change his mind, he want a Converse Shoes. anddd... he change his mind again, he want a JACKET !

AM I DAT RICH ?! can somebody tell me, now ??!!! just bcoz he is the one who taught me how to drive, doesnt mean dat he can take all of my money to buy him SOMETHING ! (little brother... BARZUL ! haha... it's a draft language. so no one will know, except they who read eragon and eldest ! )


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