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Haaapppyyyy Bday

By  *tresdivine*     3:45 PM     
first thing first u guys... i wanna say Happy BDAY to my FAvourite Brother-bother [i only had 1 bro. haha] !!! he's turing 14 rite now, and i need to buy somethin good for him. but i have no friggin idea ! suggestion pls !
his friends bought him an ELECTRIC guitar. EPIPHONE !!! it's red, bloody red and it's EPIPHONE !!! haha. lucky him ! he's always wanted an electric guitar. he's really-really-really EXCITED. i can feel it.well, anyway. happy bday, joseph. all i can do is pray for u, give u a little luck and... think something cool to buy for u.

then... today, is the first day @ school after the ONE WEEK holiday for LEBARAN. i'm really sleepy coz yesterday i slept at 1 am. haha ! i prayed alot. dun know why. i just prayed. b4 dat, i congratz' my bro for his bday @ 12.59pm and i talked with my whole fam...then i prayed alone in my room [like wot i just said]. in the morning, i woke up at 6 and i went to school at 6.15. preety late. but the thing is... the road IS FREAKING CLEAR !!! cool huh ? some ppl still had their holiday. just like my friends back in 10B had their PRIVATE holiday. haha ! lucky them.
well, at school... 10B ppl buy bakmi Gajah Mada (it's the yummiest noodle ever in jakarta). Mr. GOdfried (our math teacher) yelled at us and mad at us. freaking shit, huh ? then, the guy who i told u last-last post... he came to school. and i was like DAMN what is he doing out here ?! he's year 12. and he's graduated ! he don't need to come here. but... we're cool. i forgot about the last thing dat happened. i dun give a damn. haha !
but wot makes me wanna laugh is dat Happy (my friend from other class ) said dat that guys likes my friend. lilo. if u remembered her. HAHA ! poor little LILO. i'm so sad for u... ! BUT LUCKY ME !!!! PEACE-PEACE-PEACE !!!!

yea rite,

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