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the sickness...

By  *tresdivine*     8:51 AM     
i got sick. damn sick.
it's like hangin in a place which is HOT. but i'm COLD inside. get the feeling ?
i got a fever. and it's like 39 degrees. my eyes are all watery and i dun want to eat any. ha! poor me-poor me (--_--). the sickness last for two days. the first SICK DAY is on Saturday Night, after i watched a movie with Lilo and Ars. Just Like Heaven. and my life after dat, is Just Like Hell.
then, on monday till thursday... i get a total bed rest. i sweat like mad...coz Jakarta is soooo freaking Hot. and it's not hot like... miami or somethin. it's hot like damn sahara. hiks.

so if anybody know how to stop this flue. u are more than welcome to tell me. btw, i got a bad soar throat. so... anybody knows how to stop this soar ?? i cant even sing...

yea rite,


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