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been a while

By  *tresdivine*     8:11 AM     
it's been a while since i wrote this thing again. haha. miss ya, my 'yea rite' blog!
so, as a great things yet to come from this post, i'll begin with a 'merry chritmas and a happy new year' greetings.

today, i got to IT room again. but not the same one, like last year. it's the 3rd room at the C building, near the stair way, infront the Art Room. talking about Art Room, i'm joining the ART PATHWAY !!!! Yahoo !! been 2 week. and there's a lot of homework to do... with great creativity at doing the projects. not that boring coz i love it, haha !

yeah, and... tomorrow i'll start having a jap. class at inlingua ! it's the DAY I"VE BEEN WAITING FOR~~~ so happy. with 4other ppl. and i hope i'll get a guy at that class. the man to see. and cute enuf to look at. it's so boring at the art class, coz we aint got no guy. except for martinus (the nu guy from gandhi). and this class... is so damn loud. hixhix. doesn't mean that i hate loudness... but it's just... wierd. they dun know when to stop.

hix/ wish me luck for the upcoming post !

yea rite

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