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Gong Xi Fat Choiiiiii

By  *tresdivine*     9:09 AM     
Hoooiii !!!
happy chinese new year, babe !
it's monday and my school don't give away long weekend like the other schools. we're here, today @ monday where it's supposed to be holiday. and the bad thing is... only 3 ppl from art class is coming. there's me (stupidly coming), kartini and martin. the more bad thing is... we got our drama class today. and it'll be sucks to had 3 kids on a big activity of drama.SUCK SUCK SUCK i tell, ya ! i hope i'm not coming today. my mom says that i could sleep back @ home... but my dad say 'no'. so i decided to do as wot my dad says. he's the head of the family, anyways.
but anyways, me and my family decided to watched DELIRIOUS?'s concert !!! WHOOPEYDOO ! 50.000 rupiah for festival. hahah ! it's a cool one i bet. jumping and singin ... praising God. it'll be an experience.

so, i'll see ya later. much-much later coz i haven't repaired my internetyet. it's still jammed. FUCK ! and... i got a piano class today. i've been practising all week. i hope i got better. i hope it'll woked out just fine. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE. help me God.

by the way, i left my lip balm at my grandad's house. my lips are hurting me...and i can't stop touching them. Oh, i looked horrible today.

yeah soo rite,

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