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well, i broke my record.

By  *tresdivine*     7:51 AM     
people, i just broke my own record in year 2006.
3am is my latest bed time. for real. and it's not becoz i read or do something for my novel, like back in 2005 where i slept @ 5am. for ur info, i do my japan essay writting for the Kumon HomeStay for 2 weeks. i haven't done the other one which is 'future of asia'. soooo, i really need to do it quick ! i supposed to hand it out today. but, i asked my mom to daly it for me. i dun know, for tomorrow i guess.
anyways, i'm so inlove with Sandy's new song, Sabtu Minggu. although i dun really love the lyrics. but the sound of 'em going through my head and last sunday i woke up with that song. and i felt like, YEAH i'm ready for the day. next song is 'so sick'. the one with great great great lyrics...

so sick of love song. so tired of tears...

haha ! great one !!!
RITE NOW: Mr. Matthew is not inside the class, teaching. he's somewhere out there. so i took the liberties to do my blog. LOL.


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