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i'm getting better

By  *tresdivine*     7:07 PM     
i'm getting better these days, dude.
my mind is not ill anymore. so iguess u know wot i get... I GET OUTTA PIANO CLASS FOREVER ! forever out from YPM !
and... i get my japanese lessons, too. OH<>

and... today i got called with Kak Imel (my piano teacher) and she asked me about the piano test. and i said...i'm not joining. she said i have to asked YPM about the procedure of stoping the lessons. and i said YES right away ! i'll call 'em ASAP!

and... another good news that i THANK GOD SOOOOO MUUCH is that i done this japanese essay for 2 weeks homestay @ japan FREE from KUMON. and KUMON said that i'll be interviewed with the other ppl. soo...i hope i can pass it and go to JAPAN. it's always been my dream ! HOHOHOHO...wish me luck. i;m praying to pass. i really need to go there and meet ICHIGO (loh ??)

so guys.. pray for me. i'm @ ART pathway rite now... so i got lotta ART things to do and research for... WISH ME LUCK one more time.

smoochies and hugghies


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