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By  *tresdivine*     8:22 AM     
my head is soooo FUCKED UP !
okay, here's the thing. i'm so fucking frustrated that i cried every time i think about PIANO. i even can't breathe normaly. (sigh)
my mom says dat i can STOP playing piano. stop my piano class. (thank GOD !)
but i got 3 more weeks before the piano test and it's driving me crazy, wether to choose STOP RITE NOW and BE GONE FOREVER... or STOP AFTER THE TEST and the whole year wouldn't be a fucking waste.
if i think abput it LOGICALLY i'll choose the 2nd choice. but if i think about me. my heart. my emotional brain, i'll choose number 1. coz i cant stand it !
i'm like a very frustrated person that can't even think about anything except that piano problem !

i'm so FUCKED UP !!!!!!!!!

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