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so tired...

By  *tresdivine*     10:06 PM     
i'm sooooo tired, guys.
i woke up a 6am...i'm so late (school). pondok indah's traffic is like DAMN !
yesterday i slept at 3 after finishing my... japan essay. i hope i get in to that homestay. i've been staying up late to finished em two. and it's sooo tyring that i have to keep my eyes open all day long when i really wanted to go get sum sleep.
right now, i'm in multiplus doing my business becoz my laptop is a piece of junk(not really though. it can't open internet and can't print out documents.). so yeah, that's a junk i say. this multiplus dun have any microsoft word and handling the open office makes me MAD !so...i'm officially sleepy and tired. u can see that im tired from wot i write. it's like... it dun make sense. i get my grammar so bad when i got sleepy, like rite now.
oh, i'm in love wiv the wiz bcoz it's performance is getting nearer and at least we done some imrovement. so i'm relieved. we get together to practice. and i;m lovin every moment of it. these ppl are talented. they sing really good, although not as good as PSAI. haha ^^
anyways, i really gotta go. i need sum sleep and i havent rint this thing out in here. so i'm gonna get crazy and finished my unsettled business. i really have to face matthew tomorrow. i didn't hand him the outline today. he's gonna get PISSE odd at me. i hope it's okay.

cheers !

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