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sooo matisse

By  *tresdivine*     7:38 PM     
hi, y'all.
i've been wondering around the internet. try to find some facts of matisse.
y;all know him ? he's my first FAVOURITE ARTIST !!!! haha... at last i like one of them.
i hate van gogh (the paintings is... scary), beckmann's paintings are also scary, modaglini's (what's his face again ??) paintings are soooo unreal. but matisse's are the greatest ! very modern, bright colours... LOVE IT !!!

oh, good news is i dun go to my piano class anymore. and i dun care about it anymore.
bad news is i need to memoriza my 'dont nobody bring me no bad news' song for THE WIZ musical play at JCC (jakarta COnvention Centre) at 25th of feb.
ordinary news is... HAPPY VALENTINE and i... dun have any boyfriend. SO... it's a valentine for family and friends. not, lovers. oh, AND GOD ! 'happy valentine, JESUS. love U sooo... '.

today we had this praise and worship service for christian back at school. a partor from IES (pastor steve) is speaking up front. he's really funny. got this 'im still young' face and voice. I LIKE HIS STYLE. and it's not boring to hear him speakin' for the next 2 hours.

by the way, Mr.Clerance (our drama teacher. the director of the WIZ) got robbed today. so he didn't showed up and all of the wiz's practice had been cancelled. we practice the 'ease on down' song with the band which make it sound cool.
but perforamance is like... NEXT WEEK ! and we haven't practice the whole play...with music...light and dancers. OH HELP us, LORD !!! I beg You.


ps: i didn't put the 'right' no longer, because it seems like i'm joking. when i'm not.

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