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the wiz

By  *tresdivine*     6:07 PM     
howdy folks.
the wiz musical play is about to start...in like... 2 days. oh GOSH. not that nervous...excited but also tired...coz' MY CORSET (costume) really HIT me in the ribs. killing me slowly. every time i take a pose. HIX !!
okay... yesterday we got this run through with costumes and make ups. it's not that good in the first. but the 2nd run through was better. so... please make your way to JCC @ 25th of NOV. to watch the wiz @ 4pm. for reservation pls call BiNus High.

wot's more, ya...
i FELT GREAT becoz i dun have to think about piano.
but tired on the same time coz i got sooo much things to do. and i kept getting home late.
yesterday, i got an interview for the 2 weeks homestay @japan. WOOOHOOOOO !!!!!
a step closer to Japan. i really wanted to go. so i made my best to anwer all the questions on the day itself. i end up making a loud volume voice. but it's ok. and... i got all the questions answered clearly with ENGLISH. i choose answering 'em in english coz i think it'll do better. you know... making a great face that i-got-good-english-pronounciation. i hope it do the trick.

PLEASE GOD... i beg you that:
1. the wiz's HIghlight will be SUCCESFUL
2. i can go to japan @ May.
3. THe wiz's theatre is not on May (so i can still join the wiz).



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