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cell phone

By  *tresdivine*     7:07 PM     
lovely news coming...
THE SCHOOL"S gonna buy me a new phone !! eheheheh... so happy(thank God) and they'll pay me back my money ! yey !! so happya nd relieved. but again... there's still much to do back at 11 art.
drama essays and character monologue as Hippolyta really freaking me out. i need to do them ASAP !! Next one Visual Art projects...then tons and tons of test. that's why i need a great deal of sleep. i'm so tired to go to the warnet. on and on and on again because my internet are off againa and i still need to do some typings and my mom bring the laptop. so i'm totally tired. hope i can go to sleep. but i have things to do tomorrow:
1. Visual Art Projc.
2. Sociology test
3. History test
4. IT homework
5. Japanese class
Oh God... help me. i need sleep !


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