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By  *tresdivine*     7:28 PM     
man, im so tired...
i've been sleepin real late these days. i got this 'Event Organizer' thingy that make me work day and night. the thing is, i LOVE it ! it's like... to do this, i gotta be really-really tired. but i know that once this thing had finished, it all gonna be LOVELY. it's not the matter of pride, but the feeling of doing it. and maybe i'm gonna laugh it all off
to be add on my tired list, i am really dissapointed in Portugal and Brazil and Ghana, for not winning the world cup ! man !! who am i gonna choose Italy or France. i'm gonna go for Italy. france are too proud of themself. happy for beatin' up brazil from the last worldcup till now ? Na'ah, Italy... i hope u gonna do the payback ! PLEASE.
WELL, back to the first topic.
tomorrow is THE orientation day. the 3 days i've been planning for the last 6months or more. well, yes i'm tired but there will be 3 days of FINISHING that tiredness into something that i guarantee that i would love to do. i prayed everyday, taht JESUS will help me through these days. help the orientration committee team to work our ass all up, be the team that can work and have fun. i prayed that this event will be HOTLY successful. i prayed that Jesus' name will be honoured through this thing. i prayed that the new year 10s will love it and it'll be a SWEET memory for them and they'll never forget it. God Bless, Amen.

right now, i dont know wot's happenin with my mom. sh kinda IGNORE me. and it totally PISSES me off. she dont even say HELLO ! WHAT"S WITH HER !!!!!!! now tell me. (i'm punching the keypads real hard, now). ~sigh~ if i did something wrong, it would be 3.5 hours late ! i didnt do anything so crucial that she need to do that. well, talking about some real heart braking moment. when she walked out that door without even LOOKING @ ME. i was like "Kshhhhh !???!!!!!!!!!!"
well, hell. what's really important for me right now, is to do my work for the ORIENTATION and hope i am doing it the right way. AMEN.


ps: here she comes again. she asked "wot do you wanna eat." and that's all.

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