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By  *tresdivine*     10:11 AM     
These are the pictures taken from Pancious restaurant in March 2007.

a lovely cafe set in a green-maroon comfy air. They sell foods from Original Pancakes, untill scruptious Black Forest Pancake with a touch of strawberries in an ocean of melted dark chocolate and 3 thick pancakes plus a delicately cold chocolate ice cream. If you are a sweet food freak, you should came to this cafe. located in Permata Hijau, near Hero Permata Hijau, you will fell in love with its' atmosphere of eat and talk. A lovely place to hang out, but romantic enough to be your dating spot. FYi, the place has a swimming pool at the back that looks tempting for a splash...

i went there with my friends from (12 Biology, 12 art and 12 Physics G). we all enjoy the foods and have sworn an oath that we will eat all the menus from this restaurant before we graduates in December. and may god help us.

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