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aftermath of that one earthquake

By  *tresdivine*     8:47 AM     
ok, since everyone is so keen to find out how the jakarta's august 8th 2007 earthquake feels like.. here's the aftermath of it (8 hours after at bina nusantara high school):

1. it became a huge topic at the cafeteria and classes. everyone was like "Did you feel the earthquake last night ??" it's quite incredible that most of my friends did not feel the 7.4 Magnitude earthquake. Logically, they have got to wake up from all those shakings and grumbblings of the earth. My drama teacher said that he was soooo tired that he thought it was not an eathquake. just a bunch of crazy teenagers having loud banging music and some great moshing session that made his bed shook tremendously. My classmate, meiling, instantly called her neighbour about the earthquake and sadly the neighbour, Stefano, did not realize it was an earthquake until she called. (she's so happy that i write her name here. haha)

2. things are pretty much the same. nothing looks wrecked or anything such. it's compeletely fine.

3. etc

more points coming up. my IT session is up.


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