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binus school theater production

By  *tresdivine*     8:19 AM     
{Left - Right: Melissa, Alyssa, Meiling, Mr.C, Ames, Almira, Martin}
{Lower part: Joe}

It is a customary for my school (bina nusantara high) to held a big drama production at the very least once a year. In february 2006, for instance, BiNus did "The Wiz" with me as the wicked witch of the west a.k.a the friggin' bitch. In november 2007 we planned to do "The Lion, The With and The Wardrobe - Narnia". The 12 Arts is going to be the production team with the famous most intriguing Mr.C as our supervisor plus director, and meiling as our super busy producer.The assistant dierctor is Almira, while costumes will be taken care by alyssa, ames and melissa. on the other hand set goes right into the man's hand - the only man in our class- Martin. Lights, Sound, Music and Stage FXs will be gently handled by yours truly. yay !
For the time being we are tres tres busy. We had a production team meeting once a week (not that we dont meet everyday, but we just take a special time to really meet and talk), then we have rehersals every monday, tuesday and wednesday afterschool. seldomly, we also have additional rehersals on fridays and saturdays. It's really time consuming, but we all know that it is our duty to perform our best though we might die because of the everlastings stress. we hoped this thing will go well so it could be a great graduation gift for ourselves (you kno, you can give yourself a pat in the back and proudly said "good job, lass")
Incase you're wondering why is our graduation is in november... that's because our school is weird and the people in it is even weirder. just like me ! (gosh, i sound pathetic. haha)

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