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damn books part 1

By  *tresdivine*     1:21 PM     
well, i will just pretend that this blog will not be read by any people. it will be a total secret. just between me and the world wide web (which i'm going to pretend that is not world wide). i mean, it is sucha small possibility for you to find my blog out of a hundred million other blogs (which are obviously much more interesting than mine).

i just stopped myself from reading a book called "easy" by a author that i cant remeber (no offence but i really cant. i'm stupid. Whatever, sue me). The book generally is about sex, men, couple days of celibacy and more sex. the thing is, not that i dont think sex is good, but when you are in a state where you aren't supose to have sex... you kindda think about it. and i know it's wrong. but, HELP, i cant stop it.

ok. recess time is over. i have to stop.



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