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earthquake !

By  *tresdivine*     12:44 AM     
hi. it's me again. cant believe im starting this thing again. haha.
well, i've always begin a post with a question. and pne of my very usual question to start a post is, "what happened to you today?". now this, is a story you dont get to read everyday.

an earthquake just happened at indonesia. at my house. at 11.30-ish. i cant believe it. i cant believe it! it's so friggin cool.

My chair was wobbling so i guess i've been fidgetting when i surf the web occasionally. The thing is, i was not fidgetting. then my eyes darted to one of my father's ancient crystal lamp which is by that time vibrating. does that means something, like God is telling me to turn of the internet and get to sleep coz it's a school night ? Then i looked up to the so-called chandelier behind me and i saw it was swingin like somehow it found a sort of funky music to groove into. I guess it's not one of those bed time stories from God.
I finally said to my self that it was an earth quake and it'll be over soon. But i was wrong. It goes on and on until i finally called my dad and said "pop... an earthquake's been happening for 30 seconds, now".
i was thinking 'will it ever stop ?' until my brother, joseph, came out of his room and merely said "let's go out and find a save hiding spot. away from all these furniture". None of us moved coz we knew it'll be over soone enough. Then it took us another 15 seconds, listening to all the dogs in the neigbourhood howling away and looking at the ceiling while waiting for something to drop (like it's sort of a cue for us to go and leave for the greater good).
But then it stopped. nothing dropped from the roof, it's just the window sills still trembling and the water from my glass still shaky. other than that i am still in piece, writting this pieace of information that i know wont be read by anybody. so there you go. i just write you what had happened to me today.

jog on,


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