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soar (or sore) throat and chinese medicines

By  *tresdivine*     2:26 PM     
in indonesia, people are really familiar with both ordinary non-antibiotic medicines, antibiotics and herbal medicines. Herbal medicines in Indonesia are devided into two kinds; authentic indonesian herbs and chinese herbs. People believe that if they wanted safe, cheap and healthy medicines - you could try the chinese medicines.

personally, i always believed in herbal medicines. not only that it is natural, it does not contain any chemicals as well. Their safetines is is quite guaranteed (as in, you could not eat any plants you can find if you do not know their use, since that could be terribly deadly). i remembered drinking a medicine called "Lou Han Kuo". it is some sort of a brown colored sweet minty flavor cube that of you put it in a glass of hot water, it will dissolve and the now brown water will be the best soar(or sore) throat medicine. My friend (Sesarina Prameswari and Liko Sabarani a.k.a Ames and Meiling) had told me about this medicine called "pei pa koa" recently this morning. it taste like honey+mint+ginger. it's both cooling to the throat and nice tasting. kindda reminds me of Marry Poppins' medicine : "just a spoon full of sugar and some medicine go down. some medicine go down... medicine go down". i wanted a medicine that taste like everything i wanted. The ones that tasted like strawberry, caramel, tea, baileys (yum...) and even ikan goreng rica-rica (fried fish with extra hot chili sauce on top). that last one might be too much, but hey i'm really hungry right now. i could think of all the food that i could eat... Ayam Bakar Gathari (sweet griled chicken), New York Fish and Chips, Fried Calamari Rings and such. GOSH, i should stop talking about foods, now... *stomach grumbling severly*

in a few more more minutes school will be over. but i still have a narnia rehersal and a vocal class with Mr. Hari. Not that i dont wanna come... I'd LOVE to come. but the thing is my stomach is screaming out my name for some "food glorious food !". you know what i mean...



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