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very own zodiac theory

By  *tresdivine*     7:58 AM     
For years of living in a body of a petite, dark tan skinned, curly haired girl, i've found out that every person which belongs to the same star sign has similar characteristic.

i'll start with my most astounding object of observation: the Gemini.
its sign is a couple of identical twins. Geminians are those who are born under the planet of Mercury, which name is taken from the messenger god "Mercury". Being a very busy, fast moving and quick-witted God - Geminians took his dominant features and therefore become people who loves a busy world.

Geminians are clever, they enjoy learning and loves to know random trivial knowledge. They love to do more than one things at once and therefore usually go caught up in too much things to juggle. They're known for being mischifous and their poise-ness made them looked too calm to care. They are free spirited (remembering their air sign) and usually are creative.

Their twin sign symbolizes their two personality. Sometimes, geminians are prone to hide their own feeligns. they could laugh really loud while actually bleeds inside. They do not like to push people, which make them sweet people. Their sense of humour and calmness combined, hides their insecurity and doubts inside. Though they did not look like they have problems, geminians are actually sensitive.

if some of these categories are incorrect, please give me a comment. and i'll do further study.


ps: i'm a gemini. i did all these things are captured inside my non-photographic memory. THe study are done to myself and a couple friends of mine.

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