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can i cuss...?

By  *tresdivine*     2:05 PM     
some f'ing day is on its way. my heart just cant ceased to beat at its usual pace and i from then on i know something is NOT right. i know i have vowed to God and myself not to cuss... but this is surely the appropriate moment to let out thouse forebidden vocabs. like cursing somebody's mother or something...

see, when Meiling a.k.a Liko Sabarani, my production manager for Narnia the Play of BiNus told me that the director is not happy of what i am doing... my life seems dark all of the sudden.
F*** F*** F*** !!! what is wrong with me. am trying 70% of my ability to stay up late, edit music, edit whatever needs to be editted but then... sadly... unfortunately... my heavy forebodings is right; he hates my guts. he hates my works. he cant even tell me to do what. he said he wanted, say, project A, B, C to be done... i've done all that (though a bit late, but i've done it). But then he didn't tell me that he wanted Project D to be done as well. how should i know what he wanted, if he dont even tell me ?

Oh, Lord help me.
Your Love reaches to heavens
Your Faithfulness reaches to the skies...
Psalm 57


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