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the days of not-being-in-school anymore

By  *tresdivine*     1:09 PM     
well, ever feels like going to school, to see your mates and teachers but there is actualy no classes for you to go to anymore ? bet you've never felt it. we seldomly thinks that school sucks and all that. you wanted with all of your heart to actually fleed aways from school, away from all those homeworks, projects, teachers and the bitches you found at school. but then once you get the chance to actually get out of school, you found your self cursing each day without the constant bussyness of school life, you found yourself dreaming of going back to school again (though just for the good things), found yourself wanting to see your juniors, your classmates in school uniform, wanting to quee for lunch or even for the same feeling of cursing a teacher after she detained you.

so here i am, back at school though i am allowed to actually rest my head at home and forget that i am graduating in two or three more weeks. *sigh* when i got to school, felt like i dont really belong here anymore. this is my past life. i'm all grown up (psychologically, not physically -i'm still as petite as i can be) and though not ready for college, but i'll get there one day. i saw the sophomores and juniors calling my name, saying hi to me and telling me that thye missed me. but i know it wont be soon before long that they forget me and move on (like i did when i was in year 11 and 10).

in my most humble opinion, each person has a phenomenal impact to every person he/she met in life. even though it was just a milisecond glance, those people still have such definite impact in a person's life. take the girl right beside me. she's doing her hobby; drawing mangga on computer and did all of those careful coloring through photoshop. she might not realize that i am writting about her right at this moment, but i know that she have given me an emotional push. as if she encourages me to learn how to use photoshop better than just putting some paint brush set that i got from free downloadable sites and pasting pictures from google. Some other times, we met people that burn us in fire of anger and lit us to emotional ashes. they too give great impact to our lifes. somehow, God uses these notorious people to immune us from harsher emotional attacks in the future. we'll never know. but all the people we met either in good terms or bad terms lead us closer to the person we're suppose to be.

and the same thing goes to all the people who have hurt me so bad (no names here). God bless y'all.


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