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zits and sleepless nights

By  *tresdivine*     8:22 AM     
A Acne is something alomost as inevitable as finding yourself lying to your parents. you know, when you had just spent most of your money buying drinks for your friends and you started smelling like a person who farted alcohol... well, yeah, days like that. though i never bought my friends drunkable drinks, i know how bad farting alcohol gas smelt like. *puhweeh*
well, anyways, you're missing the point here... acne is really something that most people got on their puberty years. and you wouldn't believe me if i write this... i only have two acne for the 17 years of my life. cool, huh ? yeah, i love myself too...

this newest acne had just appear out of nowhere. i was like "NOOOOOO !!!!! not my face ! you can take my ass, but not the face!". it is not that big but it's still big and considering my dark olive skin... the white slimmy thing inside the acne is totally in contrast to my skin color. it stands out and sadly i couldnt cover it with anything, except if i want to cough constantly and put my hands on top of my mouth - concelaing the chin (the damned area). it's not enough that i had a rough sleeping nights (like five hour a day or less), i haven't take a thorough shower for the last one week (constantly taking shower at 11pm. it sure is cold and dont mind me if i get rheumatic or something...) and my face starts spilling oil everywhere (not that much, but i had nerver have oil on my face. ever !). this acne thing is sooooooo ITCHY (and funny looking at the same time) ! i wanted to poke it or rub it a little... feel the weird texture of the thing... i wanted to poke it till the yellow slime went out... i cant stop my self. somebody take hold of my hands ! it's moving on its own !! artgh... they are touching my acne... NOooOoooOooooo... !!!!

right, enough.

btw, do you realize what time am i writting this post ? it's 9.20 ! what am i doing at school on 9.20 when school started at 12.10 today ?! &%*$(@#)(@!&$*% i feel like sleeping until 11am tonight. but i woke up at 5.45, not knowing that the exam begins at 12.10... i went to school... a little past 8.00 but i managed. i rub my acne and i saw the classes were empty. there goes my luck. thanks for the new acne (i'm blaiming it for the unluckiness of the day). i stupidly ask my teachers at what time does the exam begins, the all laught at me and say that i'm too estatic to go to school. i went "naah, it's just this is the last real day of school for me and i lost my exam schedule. so i know nothing about the exam time. stupid me. ahhahahaha" as i joined laughing with them at myself. crude world. agony and pain. ~sigh


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