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my stomach...

By  *tresdivine*     9:49 PM     
just feels weird by the end of October and it continues to November. it's like there is a suspense in my life that i do not know as if something is waiting to happen, something bad is waiting around the corner, or something that i forgot to do which will lead me to some humongous problem. did i missed a sign or something ? or maybe it's just merely due to all these things that are stuck inside my head:

1. how is Narnia gonna turned up like
2. how will my brother and i go to JICF retreat
3. the sound effects and light effects that i need to finalize
4. the other little things that i dont even know what...

oh, Lord. it's like my heart beats unevenly... something strange is affecting my physical condition. i think it's that illness which starts from the mind and goes down to the body. Oh my gosh, what if i got a cancer because of this constant ANXIETY (yes, that's the perfect word!) ?! Oh, No ! *deep sigh* Oh, Lord HELP ME !!!!!

I'm a dead piece of meat. i'm so emotional right now. overly sensitive to loud stuff, to things that trigger more things to the mind. Oh, rotten chicken! i don't even feel like spelling out my name...


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