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fancy getting older?

By  *tresdivine*     10:47 AM     
THINGS HAVE passed so fast and so much for the last one week. i dont even have the time to open the internet and share my stories. it's like my world is changing and i dont have a moment to document every thing (i hardly write in my dieary as well). so i'm going to give you a run down of what had happened last week. here goes:

1. just graduated on Nov 26th 2007.
on that day, i was extremely estatic (the feeling is way better than sugar rush. as if my world is exploding by bits due to the excitement). i wore my old-old-owwwllldddd black tank top which was once my mom's and a plain a line skirt. in comparison to my friends, my 'black to the max' fashion sense is fairly ordinary. some of my friends came with dress (ranging from pink to white, with simple blings to blings all over), with their hair done (me? i just washed my hair and leave it at that condition) with their nails and make up done (me? nothing. simple plain nails and no make up at all) . we all sing songs we used to play on CD, smiling non-stop and acting like kids waiting for the ice cream truck (without the saliva coming out obviously).
I sat right next to Jessica and Joshua, who i don't really know. they are both as happy as i am (except Joshua. he's creaaazzyyyy about the graduation!) and with that similarity we get to know each other and though it may be simply too late for being friends... but we get along just fine and we find making friends as easy as cooking tiramisu.
Ok, let's cut the crap and go straight to my point of telling you all these tales. Gerry and I, as we were the SRC vice president and president, were asked to make a speech together. i made a speecha nd it was brilliant in a sort of funny but polite way. but i, idiotly, forgot to bring the speech to school and ended up using gerry's speech. it was great (i think) but by all means rebellious. He plainly written in that sheet the word "bullshit" and he said the word in front of all the people in the ceremony. he shocked; the DOS (dean of student), Principal, Vice principals, teachers, counsellors, students, parents and me. well, i am not shocked to hear her said the word, but i just can't believe that he is so brave to do that in front of the whole place, on a podium. DANG IT !
as soon as the day passed, the DOS called me asking for gerry's cellphone so they could 'talk'. dude, what can i do ? i gave his number and leave it at that. i do what i gotta do. call me a trator to my generation, but i am not willing to take the guilt of saving someone's ass.
for those who are wondering what awards i got that day, here is the list (list! can you believe it, i got a list for my awards ! awsome or what?!):
a. citizenship award
b. on visual art
c. on drama studies

2. the performance of Narnia (my last high school project) on the 29th.
it was not perfect. but it was good. it was funny and it leaves sooo much memory. we transalate Britney's gimme more song to indonesian. and it goes like "nambah-nambah dong. nambah dong. nambah nambah DONG!" we sang it with body wave and sexy burlesque dances. we also create a new phrase "you got some milk ?" as in litterally got some milk on your boodyyy.

3. fitting of prom dress on Dec 3rd 2007.
wish the dress will come out good. i wish it was as simple as i wanted before. i saw the dress as completely simple, with touches of nothingness. it sort of looked cheap but i wish the result would blow my mind. i'm still excited about the prom though.

conclusion ?
i feel so OLD yet EXCITED for more !

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