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blood, sweat and tears

By  *tresdivine*     5:27 PM     

well, i just returned from the hospital scarcely hungry ! Since my mother is afraid that i might had a TBC (hepatitis C), i made an appointment to the doctor and went straight to the lab to check my health. i was so nervous that i can't sing, when i know that they will take my blood ! Urgh, i felt like i was full of sweat and tears... Not that i cry or anything.

When the doctor slowly beginning to get the ever so small needle, i was cringing and i dance (fidgeted actually). i cant stop laughing...of course till the needle get there. my mom said "nggak sakit kan ?" and i was "sakit, dikit... ayo nyanyi mam, supaya aku nggak pusing. ahhahahahahah". akhirnya, gue selesai di ambil darahnya. dan waktu gue lihat berapa banyak darah yang diambil...

DENG ! 3 tubes. maaannnn, three dang tubes ! they took 3 dang tubes of my friggin blood !!!!!!!! i gotta eat something, fast. Urm, tonny roma's ribs ?? yum-yum...

ps: bukan, mbak, gue akhirnya nggak turun peringkat dari mau makan tonny roma's jadi mcd. gue jadinya berenang malem2 jam 7-9pm and trus makan spaghetti di kolam berenang. hehe. gila gue item banget abis berenang selama satu bulan penuh, kayak kuli bangunan baru selesai bongkar atep *snoottt* hilang masa2 gue sekolah di binus gak dapet sinar matahari.

pps: the photo is taken right after my first online chat ever with my lil' brother out there in Auburn.

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