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meditation on negativity

By  *tresdivine*     10:31 PM     
where is that scholarship application that i need to write on?? Oh, gosh, this thing is DRIVING ME NUTS ! i'm afraid i wont get to university. oh, dang!

HOWEVER, to put my mind in a better state of mind, i'll think about happy thoughts. hmm, AH ! i remember, i got eight (or seven) months of holiday now. and i've found ways to spend it. i'm going to apply for a japan or UK or italy gap year language program. If anyone have a recommendation, please, spare my time. haha. i'm going to travel-travel and travel. oh, boy, i love travelling. there's this sense of adventure in you that does not wear out, until you get into bed, nicely tucked and ready to fall asleep. Obviously, i haven't travelled too far to be home sick... but still, i am hardly homesick anywhere. if i could make a wish, i wish to travel the world. ahahaha... but i'll know i need the money for college. so i'll stick to plan number one: travel to one or two country only (before college) and go around the world after college.

sounds like fun ?
oh dear i hope college will be THIS fun (i am writting this, as if i have travelled to other countries by myself. ahha. hey,i got faith, ok ?)


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