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oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

By  *tresdivine*     9:45 PM     
i hate spring panic !!
every time i opened my e-mail to check on my university application process, i always found my heart beating so fast. maybe it's anxiety, but i sure know it's more negative than mere excitement. i am afraid of being wait-listed, moreover being rejected. i know my SAT score SUCKED sooo bad, but that does not mean that i wouldn't get into a uni or college. i am so proud of my portfolio and my essay (and short answer) that i did not pay much attention to my SAT score. thinking that an "above the average" TOEFL test score and a few awards in high school are enough. but, DANG, i knew it is not ! this situation is NOT okay, and sadly i cannot do anything about it.

so here is what i am going to do BEFORE the dead line of most uni applicaitons:
1. print all essays and short anwers, send my TOEFL score to washington u (the 19th pickiest uni according to newsweek "how to get into college" winter 2008 edition)
2. contact the universities
3. pick a college (if something goes wrong)
4. considering a suicide. (haha, just kidding. i'm not that daft)

help me lord,

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