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my blog, now in non-permanent numbering. (terrible break through, but it'll manage)

1. i've finished my applicaiton to washington U in St Louis and semi-finishing my Cornish application! yay !! all i gotta do left for cornish is to send my digital portfolio, my transcripts and my toefl score. then hellowwwwhhh, ART !

2. Just contacted God through worship at church. it was a blast. really felt the way God touches people's hearts. it's amazing how the Hold Spirit works. and how God put me in the same lift with the drummergawd as a gift for leading the worship today (gosh, i hope he didnt google me or anything. or he'll find out that i've been talking about him - apparently with enthusiasm - though not a lot. but still, where am i gonna put my face when he throw me that million pennies smile and say "i checked out your blog. it's pretty decent"? i'd go, DECENT ??!! you call THAT decent ?! and lie flat on the floor and never woke up until he kissed me like princes did to damsels in distress. not that i'm a damsel. OH NO ! now, i've talked too much. urrgh, i've solemnly swear not to delete any posts after i publish it. &Y*#!&*@%#*@$*#%. ok, begining from now, i'll write him as KANTONGKRESEK. habis mukanya kayak kantong kresek. banyak jerawat. tapi lucuu.. OK STOP !!!! thank you Lord, that he didnt speak indonesian. DOY ! i should've written in INDO. that way, he wouldnt understand even if i write all the mushy stuff)

oh, he's going to scuba dive in pulau seribu. said it's a club trip. dang, either he loves marine life (like me) or he loves adventure and travel (like me!). did i say way too much ?

GOD, please dont let him google me. please. please. please. please. dont let anyone from jis google me. or they'll kno.

3. I went to a Japanese Education Exhibition... berpikir, bisa agak ya gue ke jepang cuma 3 bulan langsung bisa was-wes-wos nihinggo. i dont know.

4. Not less than an hour ago, i sent my first business e-mail. a real business e-mail to an international institute for the environment. and it's not for ESL class. Yey, dang proud. (ah, biasa aja kali jo.) Eniwey, if you want to see what it was about, feel free. i'll paste it here. obviously, i am not interfering with any copyright laws since i write it myself. Haha! (aw, you're so full of yourself, jo!)

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Johanna Wattimena. I am a high school graduate of BiNus
High in Jakarta, and though it may seem too young of me to contact you
in such a direct manner, but i am really concerned about the living
condition of Indonesian species which seems to me are getting less in
population each year.

I recently read a reader's letter in Kompas, December 10th 2008, about
orang utans in Kalimantan being killed as if they are pests, to make
an area for Kelapa Sawit Plantation. "Orang Utan dibunuh dengan cara
di tembak. dipukul dengan kayu atau menggunakan parang yang
mengakibatkan luka-luka yang sangat parah atau hangus terbakar karena
hutan dibakar" says the article. It really pains my heart to hear this
and to think that i met a similar case made me want to share and ask a
few opinions from WWF.

In December 2007, me and my family took a two week trip to Pematang
Siantar, Sumatera Utara. We stayed i my Grandmother's house. She has a
Kelapa Sawit Plantation in the Tunduhan area, and just across her
area, in the next valley, there are two caves of more or less a
hundred Sumatera Monkeys and Lampung Monkeys. Since their natural
habitat is close to the Kelapa Sawit Plantation, they eat the Kelapa
Sawit which affected some of the people's plantation. They also live
rather close with human premises, which make their habitat prone to be
destroyed for either Kelapa Sawit Plantation or local housing area. I
am not really sure of their species, since i was not there to see the
monkeys. However, my mother and my uncles saw them. According to my
mother, these monkeys have red hair, but she is not sure if they are
orang utan. These monkeys are still living peacefully in groups,
getting foods naturally as well. However, i am not sure if that same
living condition will continues for years to come.

Therefore, is there anything that could be done to prevent these
monkeys from getting the same treatment as the orang utan written in
Kompas, maybe relocate them? I am afraid that either the monkeys will
die due to their worsening habitat condition, or the people will
became threatened with the monkeys' activities and forced them to
banished the monkeys from their natural environment.

Thank you for your kind attention and i hope this matter could be
considered. If there are anything that i could do to help, or if there
any questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact
me through e-mail.


Johanna Dara Wattimena

Dont you just love my concern for wildlife? haha, i'm just playing. i'm really modest. but i'm too shy to say that i'm modest so i exaggerated everything. such a theater geek.

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