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:D smile and laugh

By  *tresdivine*     3:35 PM     
Things to do before you get wrinkles:
1. smile and laugh
2. take LOTS of photographs
3. pout sexily and kiss
4. facial massage
5. stop cursing your zits and your body weight (or your height, in my case)

So, i went to this prayer meeting of moms in my sister's school today. We talked about how God answers our prayers; "Yes", "No" or "Yes, but wait". After the service is over, most of the moms went talking with each other, scheduling to have a lunch somewhere and finally talks to each other about schools and teachers. They talked to me and asks of my school, i went "Oh, i went to BiNus. But i've graduated". One mom said, "Middle School ?". I laugh and answered "No, high school." And the other moms start asking the same thing and replied the same way (but in increasing level of disbelief). One, even said, unbelievably "i thought you were in 7th grade...". Aw, that's just flattering. I replied to all of them at the same time (there was about 10 of them) "Well, that's actually fine. i mean, when i turned 40 i'll look like i was 30..." and all the moms went laughing and wish they were me. One other mom said that "your body looks so nice," as she touched my tummy and felt it was flat with semi-muscles "so nice isn't it...? Sooo nice. So nice". well eat that y'all who thinks im a troll !

(actually, i considered myself an elf. the small santa helpers, you know that don't you?)

Another mom finally said to my mom in front of me, "guess all she had to do is have fun and be fun." My mom laughs at her and i followed suit. " Well, she's taking Arts. so maybe that's why she's so carefree" my mom said. "Maybe..." i replied and smiled. Now i know why i looked young; because my head fills me with crazy stuff that makes my life so light.

Thanks for the heads up, Hyde.

Do you remember that old song from Sunday School; "Hati yang gembira adalah obat. Seperti obat hati yang senang. Tapi semangat yang patah keringkan tulang. hati yang gembira Tuhan senang." Guess it's really true. Scientists have found out that a smile could actually increase our anti-body, That's pretty cool...

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