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hey, mo-mo-money

By  *tresdivine*     12:41 PM     
Sincerely for the cash creator; Genghis Khan

1. i sadly have to cancel sending my digital portfolio for Cornish College of the Arts because it costs me: Rp. 700 000 or $70. When i used to send the same documents and CD for $29. curses... My canceled package arrived today in the morning and now i am trying to send the package through a different service: FedEx. Oh, TNT why can't you just send the package for $30 ?!

2. i have to rethink about my language trip to Japan, because it is unexplainably expensive. 3 months in Japan and i gotta pay; 298,000 yen or Rp 26,820,000. That does not includes food and extra charges for leisure. ACK ! So, if i still want to go, i have to take my college savings - which i highly don't recommend.

3. i spent all of my money on hanging out with ames, jc and gio the other night. now my wallet is just a red pocket with nothing in it but papers and cards. i've gone broke for a fantastically moving movie (p.s: i love you) and a super fun karaoke session at xktv. it's worthed anyways.

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