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By  *tresdivine*     11:13 PM     
in need of money for college, so i'm still trying to find international student scholarships (which reminds me of my sucky SAT score. curses). ack... i'm so tired of this crazy feeling that put me into desperate mood for the night.

am i to sleep under constant pressure of tomorrow's luck in education? Is my dream of changing Indonesian art education is that hard? I just wanted people to recognize Indonesia as a culture filled nation. not a problematic country shoved with corruption and low education rate.

well, as the old people usually said, "you're a teenager, you're suppose to think that you can change the world." But, hey, you old people, don't you know that this world actually needs people with ENERGY, SPIRIT and POSITIVE thoughts like me to place this world into a better state. Mother Earth needs help. and i don't think such help could come from weary ones like you guys. We need professionals with fiery to ALTER this world into something better. and i'm not saying that the youth could do it alone, but the youth, the NOW generation need help and encouragement from y'all professionals, yes from you old ones. Dont go "you cant do it." News flash people, the 'teenagers against the world' wont work. help these incendiary youth to create a change... please.

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