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By  *tresdivine*     11:50 PM     
my dad is still asking whether cornish is the best art school. i was like "whhattt??"
he still wants me to go to WUSTL and i appreciate him thinking so. here is what our last conversation on uni sounds like:

papi : "han, cornish itu college?"
hanna : *sigh* "iya, S1."
papi : "berarti kamu masih bisa transfer kan?"
hanna : "iya, tapi aku nggak berniat"
papi : *ketus* "ya, jangan gitu juga. dimana-mana orang lebih respect kalau kamu keluaran uni"
hanna : "tapi nggak semua uni punya kualitas art department yang bagus. Uni itu bukan ukuran untuk art apalagi design."

anyways, i still love my dad.
isn't the way he thinks so cute? I know you love me too, dad. It's just a pain in the ass trying to tell you again and again that Cornish is where i want to be. Even if i'll transfer, i'd go to Pratt in NY. That's another college fyi. (but, hey, who am i to yell on my dad's ears.) I know God has a lot to tell me through my dad sometimes too. so i'd still listen to him. Like when my dad tells me to put my cellphone in my bag and not in my jacket's pocket. Sadly, i didn't do as told. thinking that it's safe enough. but i was wrong. some prick nicked my cellphone back in 2005. sad isn't it? that's why i'd try to listen to my dad. always. both dads.

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