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By  *tresdivine*     9:17 PM     
I am interrupting myself here. i was thinking "why did Cornish sent me a v. short reply to a question of my utmost important value?".... but never mind, you don't need to know about what happened with my too sensitive head. it's just that, ugh, i guess i have to tell you and let you know that the problem is nothing problematic.

johanna's e-mail: "...i dont know how to send the $250 deposit because indonesian checks aren't valid in the states."
the reply (no names mentioned): "...*dalam bhs indo sebagai alat sensorship* harus pake cek, minta aja sama bank-mu..."

johanna berpikir, hmmm... kenapa mereka begitu dingin ttg cara mengirim uang? gimana cara kirim uang kalau nggak boleh transfer? bahkan klo pake western union... but, anyway, now you know the slight problem i'm having. but i'm still coming to cornish, and i just applied for a scholarship, they've received it, and let's see if i'll get money helpings. *is there such phrase as money helpings? hahaha*

P.S: gue nggak sabar masuk college. it seems so dynamic and tres chic. *quotting from Sesarina "ames" Prameswari*

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