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jakarta's traffic collision

By  *tresdivine*     7:13 PM     
another part of my not-so-ordinary 2008 highlights, is the car-taxis-container truck collision in Jakarta's high way. About approximately one hour ago, i was on my way to the Jakarta International Airport Soekarno Hatta, catching a flight to Medan, when the most funny traffic jam happens (well, i usually think of everything as funny, as another spark of color to my oh-so-wonderful life). here's the minute-to-minute:

17.25 : Johanna and her family is in front of the Pizza Man statue (the one with naked chest and just a cloth covering his crotch, lifting a burning pan of pizza, located in front of the superbly fantastic ribs restaurant; Tonny Romas, near Senayan City). She's thinking "man, we got thirty minutes to get to the airport. need a miracle here, God" but she's still laughing silently anyway)

17.45 : The beige colored "Panther" Car finally went into the Hotel Hilton's high way - Pak Marno (her driver) drove away so fast, johanna was clutching to her seat belt saying to the cars around "Woy, liat jalan! nggak takut mati! " which means "Hey, watch the road or you're dead !".

16.47: passes the Slipi High Way Gate (there's no turning back from that point on)

16.50: passed Taman Anggrek and after a few meters, there is a LONG line of cars. mild confusion in her mind, but she's still laughing silently.

17.00: still in the same line - car not moving AT ALL (not an inch)

17.03: tune in to Elshinta Radio (90.0 fm) and knew that there is a collision that made a truck container (40ft long) blocked the WHOLE high way. so there's not space for any car (no matter how small they are) to pass through. there is 4 car ways in the high way.

17.10: time is flying away. johanna still smiles.

17.15: clock is ticking. johanna laughs so hard, she took a picture of the amazing traffic jam with her not so high-tech cell phone and whack herself for leaving the 10 mega pixel XLR at home.

17.16: Dad and Mom left the car to tell the news to the other cars. one lady is thinking "hey, was that the girl who did the finger at me back then?" (LOL. no, i didn't dare to do such thing :D)

17.18: Mom commanded us to take the backs and the big black luggage. "Kita loncat pager tol!" (please use the translator for this part. i'm typing high speed). Johanna said "Are you crazy?" but she's giggling (this is so much fun) her mum smiles at her and her sister smiles back nervously at the two women up for a crazy adventure. So johanna took her bag, her dad's laptop and take the lead. walked real fast to the high way fence like she's a pro. she told her chauffeur (:P) to climb first, making sure that it'll be safe for her sister to climb over. so one by one we climbed and my mom did to ever so pro-ly. we took the luggage and THEN the cars started moving ! so we climbed back over and went to the car.

we finnaly get to the airport at 18.15 and we took another flight at 20.10 for medan. we'll fly soon :D (low battery)


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