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midnight supper

By  *tresdivine*     12:32 AM     
hey, i just arrived from three hours of late night get-away with my parents. the three of us just picked up Jovi, my youngest sister, from her friend's father's birthday. You might think, "hmm, that's pretty weird? how close can a 10 year old girl get with a 40 year old man with three daughters?". well, the thing is, he's having a birthday party at a well known italian restaurant; Puro in Wisma Mulia, just one meter away from the entrance door of Blowfish (yeah, that little club where some students found a real hip drama teacher dancing the night away, just a little tipsy. but no names mentioned - though you might know who i am talking about). can you believe it? my little sister is having a party in a lounge where people dine, drink and lounge away for hours till the morning light hits the beginning of the weekend. wawawiwa, i never had that kind of chance.

anyway, as soon as my sister got inside the car (then fall asleep right that instant) and me and my parents started talking about who was the party goers back in Uni (it was really funny. because none of them got into any serious clubbing parties or what so ever. uh, thank God they didn't. what if they still do? i'd die of sheer heart attack). so there was i, talking and laughing at my parents rambles, and finally saying that's i'm starving. so we go around
jakarta, trying to find a good healthy place to eat at 11 o'clock. hmm, you guess it, no luck. so my dad went to Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang near EX which is prety far away from where i was at that point. but my mom said, "ah, your dad will do anything for his daughter. but not for his wife" and my dad replied "well, i've made it clear since our first date, that i want a mother for my kids. and after i got that priority check, the mother can do whatever she wants".

ahahhaa, that was the funniest family talk ever!

ps: the cnasi uduk cost about 41.000, gue nambah tiga kali. tapi badan gue gak tambah berat... aduh, gen gendut gue udah rusak kali ya? ahahhaha, yah, baguslah... for now.

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