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the "player" kid

By  *tresdivine*     11:36 PM     
i am a semi-student in my mother's English tutor class, that is the fact that you need to know before you read this post. I help my mother's assistant by handling the little kids when i have time. So, one day when i was wearing an over sized t-shirt and a pj pants, i did not shower and did not brush my hair, a little boy named "rayhan" an Aceh borned pre-schooler came to my seat as usual. He saw me doing my work and tried to make a conversation as usual (today he said, "ini kotak pensil baru" or "this is my new pencil case". The pencil case was that transparent Faber Castle, the one that was so popular way back when we did the 9th grade national test in 2005), he looked at my literature excerpt and said "ini harus diapain?" or "what should i do with this?" while innocently taking my pencil from my hand and wait for my answer. I told him that all i should do is underline my answer (and then paraphrased it to match the analytical lit question on the lower page). "That's it?" he said. "yup" i replied with a sincere smile - the sincerest you could give to a kid that can't speak proper English (he said "poder" instead of "folder"). Then he sit next to me (next to my ass, because he sit in my 30x30cm chair), started underlining the sentences that i pointed. aint that sweet? Oh, no, but wait for the next paragraph.

after he did my work (not really), a teacher called him to listen to his English Conversation CD and repeat the key words. So he move to another place, taking my pencil with him and did what he had to do half-heartedly. So i came to his place, helped him repeat the key words from the CD and somehow my presence there helped him to do his work. such charisma :D. Next thing, he had to read simple sentences with big funny drawings. Here's the detailed conversation:

Me: "Read, Rayhan"
Rayhan: "The milk is in the fraydge,"
Me: " fridge, Rayhan. Repeat after me, fridge"
Rayhan: "fridge"
Me: "Good job, next"
Rayhan: "the apple is on the table"
Me: "yes"
Rayhan:"the fruit is in the basket"
Me: "next"
Rayhan:"the milk is in the fraydge"
Me: "fridge"
Rayhan: "fridge"
Me: "read that sentence one more time..."
Rayhan: "kakak sexy." or "you're sexy"
Me: (whaatttt??) hahahaha, thank you (i guess)
Rayhan: "why thanking me?"
Me: (Ooh, player!) "Ok, try to read that again rayhan..." (that boy dont really know what he's saying)
Rayhan: "the milek is in the fridge"
Me: "milk"
Rayhan: "milk. The milk is in the fredge"
Me: "fridge"


You see, there is a seed planted in that boy. Even though he can't read "fridge" the seed to be the next owner of the Playboy Mansion is in his blood. so all the player out there, watch out man, there's a new kid on the block (can you believe that they are back?). he's gonna take y'all shorties, he's a flirt baby girl ! and he's in a DANG pre-school! man, am i honored to be the first chick he played on.

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