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this is SO not an ordinary 2008

By  *tresdivine*     10:58 PM     
Dear Father"Jesus"Above,

Lord thank you for making Cornish accepting me!
thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank YOU!
Oh, my, god, lord, sweet Jesus, my father and holy spirit, there is absolutely nothing else that i could say to you but how much you mean to me. Lord, i LOVE you. Hear me Lord, i love, Love with a capital L, I LOVE YOU! i trust that your grace would fill my life even more, Lord. and that you're promise to "never stop working in me until the day of Jesus Christ came" will always grow in me. Lord, you are the owner of the universe. You and the spirit within me is way bigger than everything in this world. Then i believe that you'll open every door to Cornish, including the door to that $35,000 financial statement. Thank you Lord. Thank You.

Dear All,

Impossible is nothing for our Lord. To quote from Casting Crowns Jesus' "love is extravagant and his friendship is intimate". That intimate that when you call out to his name, you could feel this sense of electric aura around you. Seriously, he is that powerful. If he could feed thousands of people with just 5loaf and 2fishes, then he could suffice anything that you need. he knows what to do. all you gotta do is say the word and trust in him (check out mark 11:24).

that is the lesson i learned today. hope this will bless :)

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