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been bitten, once healed and now sicken again

By  *tresdivine*     10:50 PM     
dude, i thought i was healed, that my mind does not wander to a specific name every now and then, and that my lips does not lurches upward every time i hear a voice. man, i cant believe that this "boredom fling" of mine doesn't sound like a fling anymore! and i hate to admit that the love bug's venom is in me again, just because of last sunday, yesterday and today! dude, the "naturally shy" (as i quoted from the man himself) has the sweetest, most charming smile i've ever seen. i cant say that he didn't looked like Rupert Grint. It's not his looks that attracts me the most, really. it's the beat that he carries around, his adorable whistle, his smile and_ oh, S***T these stuff sounded like i'm head over heels for this boy. man, i am NOT crazy about him. yes, i do slept 2 hours late because of him-running around in my head (this idea of mine about him, that is running around my head). and yes, i had to admit that every time he bang the cymbals, my heart resonates within (SHOCK!). damn it. why do i have to write it down. (you could always erase it, joe, but off course you're too happy to actually conceal the facts.) by the way, this picture was taken on a game at church. want to join my church? :)

you see, i am not dealing with "liking a guy" in a way that i should. i sorta hate myself for this. and this is my first time sharing such story, about me liking a guy. i told you months ago that i'll put his picture somehow. but to make it less obvious, i've made a way to conceal this guy. HAHA! the picture is actually a 10 mega pixel photo, but i reduce the size so it could fit the blog :) anyway, clue #1 a boy, #2 alay hair (if you don't know what this means; tough luck, boy), #3 he's laughing in a very shy.

if you think the picture is too small, please do click on it to zoom and find out. but if you can't... well, here's another guy that i love besides Rupert Grint and Hatake Kakashi, his nameis Mr.Oreo. it's a special cupcake that i bought from Chocalot in Urban Kitchen, and it's the most delicious man ever made by human hands... the cream is divine and the cake is of pure chocolate softness. it might be too sweet after you took the 14th bite (obviously you took very small bites to enjoy the everlasting taste), so share it with your loved ones and you'll love it even more. i shared mine with my sister who ate the real oreo by herself without saying thanks to her charming sister! oh, how cruel :P

well, i guess 2008 really does have some powerful effects on an innocent girl like me. mind if i say, i'm on my way to womanhood? Nah, i don't think so.

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