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how to enjoy a book for free

By  *tresdivine*     5:46 PM     
Unless the library has the most amazing and extensive collection of newly published modern lit, you had to go to the bookstore - if you're in Indonesia or Spore then go to Kinokuniya - to read the latest published books there.

5 reasons why you have to do it:
1. its for free
2. you dont need to own the book
3. it's free
4. able to check out the boys that go into the same section of the bookstore
5. do you hear me, it's for FREE!

Like a couple of days ago, i started to do this technique again to read another book of Lemony Snicket; book #7. it's about how "it took a village to raise a child". well i skipped some pages that doesn't have anything to do with the story (like when Snicket is trying to tell us what is the meaning of "superlative" or when he tries to tell the readers to stop reading the book) and it does safe some handful of time. So there was i, at 3.30pm-5pm, reading the book and finished the 5th chapter. The first time i did that was in Kinokuniya Pim2, i read for 4 hours and another 2 hours on the next day. I finished Snicket's 6th Series of Unfortunate Events book. That's pretty decent isn't it?

What's even more decent is the series' illustrator. The wonderfully talented Brett Helquist. He draw almost mind-bindingly. all of his work has a character and each person he draw has real and believable facial expression. For example when i first see how count olaf looked like according to Helquist, i started to believe that count olaf is the most vicious villain in history. i mean, i could really imagine that kind of man doing those kind of evil things to the Baudelaires. And he uses pencil and pen to show all those things. Amazing! You see from this self portrait on the right (not the one on the left, although that's a pretty charming looking girl in a charming yellow hat) he shades and highlights through lines and lines that followed the figure's shape and contour. Seeing his illustrations just made reading the Series more interesting. Sometimes i even spent more time seeing and studying his illustrations than reading a chapter from which it is based on. but anyway, i adore the book and everything inside it, from Snicket's dark wit and love of disguise, to Helquist's unique artworks. The book is just a lovely source of enjoyment when you had to wait for your parents in a bookstore for hours, with no money to buy the books you wanted, and no energy to walk around the store to see every stuff they sell.

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