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School: One Final Down!

By  johanna wattimena     1:20 AM    Labels: 
the CD cover project is done (above: cover art). it's done!! now i have to do my zine which is due in 4 hours and i have not do anything at all. at all!! so am i freaking out?

no. im relieved that this one project is finished. Misha and Khong was great, and the book turns out awesome. here's some of the webcam images of our album art for Johnny Cash. i took all of 'em images. edit them. and send them out to misha to put the text on. the cover was done by misha. khong did all the research. her cover art wasn't printable (sadly. it was one hell of a great cover!)

now i really, really have to do my zine project. i slept all night yesterday. i set up my alarm at 12, it didn't go off. am i pissed? no, im just... sighing and go to class early cause misha needs my help.

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