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indonesia; tumbling down as commodity prices rocket

By  *tresdivine*     12:16 AM     
no, i am not talking about youtube being banned from Indonesia (now the ban is lifted), or about Jawa Barat Governor Election having 50% participation. No, i'm talking about a matter much worse than my internet entertainment and my city's governmental system. I'm talking about the financial condition of my country.

My private financial adviser, my dad, just told me about what Bloomberg wrote about indonesia's fanancial condition in three months to come. At first i didn't understand all those stuff about obligations, exchange rates, inflitation and currency weakness. but as my dad explains little by little, peeling off each layers of the problem like the world's best professor, i began to get a good picture of indonesia's money matter (or rather a bad, disdaining picture).

Bloomberg wrote "The last time Indonesia's rupiah depreciated due to rising commodity costs was in August 2005, when a jump in global oil prices increased the cost of a state fuel-subsidy program. The rupiah slumped to a four-year low of 10,875." wasn't that extreme? For four years indonesia face an extremely low currency rate; Rp 10,875 per dollar, due to the rising food price and global oil price. It is my sad duty to announce that we will be facing another currency down fall as commodity prices, oil and electricity prices are beginning to take a steady rise. According the site in three months rupiah exchange rate will go from Rp 9.200 to Rp 9.500 (3.2 percent of the currency weakens). Though there are much more points to be explored according to my dad, but my economy vocabs aren't as varied as they supposed to be that i could retate all the stuff that my dad just explained. i hope that one point above is enough...

for more info pls check out; http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=aHtNUPY48tig&refer=home

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