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Jogja Bootcamp 2008 (part3), nationalist and borobudur

By  *tresdivine*     1:01 PM     
Feeling nationalistic, anybody? that's what i think in this place. to build a golden era for indonesia; that's the vision of the bootcamp. cant help to feel an urge of positivity once i listen, thinking "maybe i could be a part of this. maybe i could build the next borobudur".

this is the man, rigth in front of me, that i should be listening from the very beginning. dude, i am SO thrilled. He is (Mr.Honda) talking about the very basic thoughts of mine about the arts and culture in Indonesia. He made this short "film" or rather moving pictures about borobudur; titled "The Beginning of Borobudur". a temple, an ancient architecture, a building of stone in shape of The Lotus. He made such film since 1996 from collecting data after data of the architecture. He combines Buddhism myths and reality. The movie has a lot of sketches of man, statues, stones with special locks and all of them he did with a spirit to bring Indonesia to a better state.

i was struck awe that Borobudur is a real amazing heritage of ours. you see, the stones are of equal measurements, the statues are made with almost digital precision that when you touched each walls of borobudur, you cant help but to think of the way these ancient society did it. how could they sculpt each stones that if all combined would feel like a real wall. one consecutive wall, not the wall of stones with special made keys that could lock themselves together. and how on those walls, they could sculpt another piece of sculpture that i stupidly forgot the name of. it's on the tip of my tongue! now i remember "relief" - it's an Indonesian word for sculpture that's sculpted on a side of a wall.

the movie is an amazing-amazing-amazing documentary! the way they shot each sources extremely artistic. the camera shots for each source of tremendously amazing life story, and the music they use are exceptional! stunning, stunning gamelan work! for y'all indonesian, you'll know when a gamelan 'duet' is played, you'll virtually smell some essence and feel like you're in front of a vast sea or walking in a house of "gebyok". Gebyok is a fully wood furnished house, by the way. These intriguing music (you might think if you're not of asian culture), combined with javanese tongue talking fully emotional, just capture your energy. it's like; "yes, now i know that somebody out there is just like me! someone out there felt like indonesian culture and heritage need some IMPROVEMENT! and i thank God that i could listen to these men talking away. now, the question is, what can i do? yes, i am THAT excited" :)

and the other film that they show, have been watched by yours trully, in the lovely school of Binus, in Ms.Etty's bahasa indonesia class. yey, now i'm glad i have been schooled in BiNus.

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